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December 9, 2015
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Web design is a very popular field and it becomes more and more popular as the time passes. It is a very huge field and everybody tries to adapt it because of its huge scope. In web design, your design of website has to be unique and should not match with any other website. Before becoming a web designer, there are certain things which you must know:

1. Responsive Design

Before designing any website, you need to keep in your mind that the website must be responsive and unique because people like your website if it is unique in every way. The pages on website must be optimized in all possible ways.

2. Unique Websites

It is very preferable, that the design of your website must be unique and the website must be design in such a way that it attracts followers. You can find a lot of different kinds of design from website.

In past, simple websites with some texts were popular but now the time is changing and websites with different kinds of attractive images are popular. You can also add videos on your website. Your website must be visually attractive for the visitors.

3. Back Linking

Companies rely on backlinking to get more and more visitors through Social media. A website must be optimized to handle influx of customers. It should designed with landing pages and with CTA in mind.

4. Using Social Icons

Nowadays, there are many ways to boost the rating of your website. Using different kinds of attractive icons is the one way of boost the rating. You can link one page of your website with another page by using social icons. You can add different types of graphics and icons to make your website attractive and beautiful.

5. Adding Graphics

On internet, you can find different kinds of graphics and icons and add them to your website. This helps you to make your website attractive and a lot of people will be attracted to your website without any kind of promotion but you must design a website in a way that it can be attractive and beautiful.

6. Popular Design

Before designing a website, you must think about the proper design of the website. The website which you design must make it in a way that it attracts the people. If the design of your website in interactive, then many people will like to buy this design from you and your design become popular. You can also add some graphics and icons to make the design beautiful.

7. Successful Design

Successful websites will be designed in a way that more and more people attracts to them. The design should be user friendly and everybody can understand it in a short amount of time. Your website must have an “About us” page, so that every person who wants to contact the owner of website can contact him easily without any kind of inconvenience. Your website must be responsive and attractive for every visitor and customer.

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